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Color and Material are the most important parts to improve kitchen’s beauty and attractiveness. Therefore, we try very hard to look for the best colorful materials to inspire and help you get more idea.

We want to proudly present you our Acmen’s Hi-Gloss, which smooth shinny and so beautiful. Even hit by the light, It will not make you upset because the rough like orange’s skin. Every single of Hi-Gloss panel, we spray coat and oven its color for 16 steps like coloring cars and pianos to make the best quality Hi-Gloss. That is why we can export our Hi-Gloss to Japan Germany and Italy.

Our in-house fittings, accessory and appliance shop show you how different of every option to help you decide the best choice for your requirements.

For Your Best Kitchen

Every kitchen that we produce, we want it to be more than just a place to cook. We care about planning designing secreting the materials till producing installation and after sales service. To extend your cooking time with the one you love longer and happier. If you wish for the best kitchen, we wish the greatest time for you to cook. That is why we produce every kitchen carefully to make sure that you will get Thai’s greatest quality kitchen which produced under German's license in the best acceptable price that you can choose.

Acmen's Import Brand
  • Nolte